You Can’t be a Christian and Wear a Nirvana Shirt

kurtI’ll never forget the day at Youth Camp when camp leaders reprimanded some kids for wearing Bob Marley, Pearl Jam, Kurt Cobain R.I.P., and other similar t-shirts.

Kurt Cobain was the singer and song-writer for the band Nirvana who committed suicide in 1994 (pictured here).

I get it. These bands weren’t Christian and they supported some “bad” things.  I wonder though, would these same camp leaders have opposed the wearing of a King David shirt?  What if it even had scripture on it?  Would that be ok, even though David lusted after a woman to the point of killing her spouse?  Did Bob, Eddie, or Kurt do anything as crooked and evil as that?                                                                                      

Isn’t Jesus the only “thing” that purifies us and sets us apart from the world? (Romans 3:24)                             

Isn’t He the only factor that separates King David from these rock stars? (1 Samuel 16:7)

Aren’t we supposed to love everyone? (Matthew 22:37-40)

I could see Jesus wearing the same shirts that some of the hoodlums in youth group were wearing and hear Him early in the morning praying for them.  Can you?  If not, you might need to un-learn some things.  

Start by remembering that the scripture that’s pictured here with Cobain is just as true for him as it is for you.  Jesus is the only thing that separates Christians from the rest of the world.  Our common ground?  The common thread that remains constant with every human being who ever lived?  We all need Jesus in order to be saved.

Have you been judged or judged someone for their clothing or how they look?

What do you think?

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