we FREAKIN’ don’t . . . . .


1.  have all the answers.

2.  think we are always right.

3.  want to be prideful but will often be.

4.  want to offend people.

5.  want the same old same old surface talk.

6.  want the same old same old political correctness for the purpose of WHAT?? offending our bro’s and sis’s that are probably too comfortable anyway (including me).

7.  give enough. do you?

8.  do enough. do you?

9.  know for sure if what we say is right.

10.  want to be quiet.

11.  ”in all we do, honor You.”

12.  ”every day, it’s you I live for.”

13.  think community and honesty is a waste, even when what’s said is wrong.

14.  think ANY ONE is always right except Jesus.

15.  take the cross of Jesus for granted.

16.  keep from taking the cross of Jesus for granted.

17.  like the Carolina Gamecocks

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