Buy Heavenly Stock When You Help Bad Christian

Wouldn’t that be SO messed up if we really claimed that? Well. We. Are. Want to be richer in heaven? Want a bigger mansion than the widow that only gave a dumb fraction of what she had? Do you really want to sit at Jesus’ right or left side? Want a golden street named after you? […]

In the Name of Jesus, Please Trim the BS.

It’s just a crying shame for the whole world that people don’t just handle their business with one another.  And then when some one dares to try and handle some business that happens to require some confrontation, the person involved responds with a “how dare you” type attitude.  People are prideful, they want to run […]

Don’t you just love that “Worship Sound?” (including Record Review on Dispatch)

I know a LOT of worship leaders.  Even your very own Toby Morrell of Emery is a worship leader at the campus I lead, and he’s like my best friend ever, and Matt leads worship at his church as well. This is not a “bash church worship” or “bash any specific church’s worship” post by any […]