We wrote a book. It is totally scary, totally ugly, and it is totally true.

Our first book, BADCHRISTIAN GREATSAVIOR, is coming.   Here are 10 reasons why you should be psyched about that.  We hope you’re ready for a dose of honesty and a shot of truth.  Everything is better in context, so don’t forget to pick up the book to get the whole picture.  It’s going to blow […]

Let’s Tell the WHOLE Story about the Church

I was initially thinking about titling this post, “Christians ARE Doing Sh**,” but I didn’t want to offend people.  Then again, I guess I just worked it in there,  so I’m sorry if I ended up offending you anyway.  ”They are so ‘middle school’ sometimes,” some of you are thinking. But on to my point. The […]

Steven Furtick’s House (Joey vs. Toby)

We are just (3) dudes that love Jesus and the church.  Please don’t mistake our views shared on this blog as views that are necessarily congruent with our church’s views.  So Toby Morrell and I (Joey) were watching the Clemson Tigers destroy the Ga. Tech Yellow jackets last night, and as always, talked about everything. […]