Buy Heavenly Stock When You Help Bad Christian

Wouldn’t that be SO messed up if we really claimed that? Well. We. Are. Want to be richer in heaven? Want a bigger mansion than the widow that only gave a dumb fraction of what she had? Do you really want to sit at Jesus’ right or left side? Want a golden street named after you? […]

It’s Funny that Churches Are Named After People, eh? What About “ChurchToby of Fatter-Day Saints?”

It’s funny that churches are named after people.  There are certainly GOOD churches that are named after saints, apostles, etc.  At least, I think so.  I can’t say from experience, but my assumption is that there is. But, let’s think about it.  If a church names their community, building, or Sunday morning gathering after anyone […]

Sex Addict Wife and Pushover Husband

Here’s a true story for you. I run into many interesting situations as a Pastor.  Some can seriously trigger major depression for me.  Some anger me; some amaze me; some situations make me feel guilty because I can’t believe how bizarre the situation is.  Not to mention I get distracted by the bizarreness.  I get […]