Do you really want to get involved with those who suffer (Addiction, Abuse, Shame etc.)?

By:Matt Carter Do you often find yourself in the path of those who are suffering?  Are you a pastor that has a lot of hurting people in you care?  Do people think you are a “good” or “serious” Christian” or a “leader,” and as a result perhaps avoid sharing their real struggles with you? Let […]

Don’t Be Going Around, Comparing Yourself to Job

Many people, myself included, have one time or another, compared their current life’s trials and circumstances to Job’s.  When doing this, I challenge you and myself to ask the following questions: 1.  Have you been living such a good life that Satan would see you as a prime candidate for using your potential rebellion to […]

Southern Boys Gone Wild: why We Do This Here UNlearning Shenanigans

So…..heading in to the decision of doing this blog, there were a lot of thoughts in me, Toby and Matt’s head (Toby’s head is really big, btw, fyi).  We actually were so arrogant in believing that we had a unique way of thinking or at the very least, a unique way of communicating how we […]