Southern Boys Gone Wild: why We Do This Here UNlearning Shenanigans

So…..heading in to the decision of doing this blog, there were a lot of thoughts in me, Toby and Matt’s head (Toby’s head is really big, btw, fyi).  We actually were so arrogant in believing that we had a unique way of thinking or at the very least, a unique way of communicating how we […]

Why Matt & Toby Play House Shows

In case you haven’t heard Matt and I have started a band called (I know it’s really emo) Matt & Toby.  Our album came out a few months back and most people think it’s the best album ever by Matt & Toby, the band.  We have also played a lot of shows, and so far […]

Since YOU Struggle, I Have to Stop WHAT?

We wrote a post a while back about stumbling blocks. You can read it here.  After reading, some of you still thought along the lines of, “We STILL should not drink alcohol, cuss, or any number of things because universally, some one may be out there watching with weaker faith and struggle, due to our […]