Aaron Rodgers’ Grandma and Bad Christians

Christians have been given Jesus’ righteousness. We don’t have our own. We have been declared righteous. We aren’t righteous people. Think of an MVP Super Bowl Quarterback, like Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.  (He’s the best quarterback in the league by the way). What if he gave his MVP Super Bowl trophy to […]

Will Chris Farley be in Heaven?

I’m gonna say……. YES!   If you’ve seen the photos of his death scene (and I recommend that you don’t look at them) you’ll see in his hand, a rosary being clasped. While this does not guarantee salvation in itself, (no where in the bible does it say, “If you die with a rosary in […]

I’m Thankful for Turkey & O.J. Simpson (We Home Boys)

Ok, so in my culture, some one may be a stranger to you, but if they are wearing a jersey of your favorite team, that’s your home boy. Some one who has the same favorite TV show? That’s your home boy. Why is this? When folks have mutual passions, there’s resonation simply because of the […]