You Consider Me an Enemy Because of my Beliefs? (a letter to those who hate Christians)

Not every “non-spiritual” or “non-christian” person, atheist, agnostic (or person from any other religion) is a Christian hater.  That’s why this post isn’t called something silly like “letter to the atheist.”  How ignorant and judgmental it would be for me to assume that all atheists hate what I stand for.  For more thoughts on this […]


Picture Courtesy of: Living Wellness Why do people immediately blame God when bad stuff happens? Non Christians say, “If God was good then He wouldn’t let this happen.” Christians say, “God we just don’t understand what You’re doing!” or “God is using this or that to destroy the evil.” I’d like for us ALL to […]

I Judge All the Time. Facebook Helps Me Do It.

I judge all the time.  I don’t want to and try not to, but it’s a constant battle.  Many people have this sickness.  Let me demonstrate.  Look at this picture of my wife and I and tell me, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Some of you think, “Yay! Fun.  Such a […]