The term ‘Bad Christian’ is just offensive. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

It certainly IS offensive.  Think about it.  Jesus, who was fully God, had to die for my sins.  Think of it this way.  We are dudes on death row.  The jury miraculously grants us complete acquittal.  We are free men, offered the most amazing amount of grace, and yet we wake up the next morning […]

Bad Christian Hasn’t Accomplished Anything and Jesus is Pissed.

Some people still don’t get it. It just doesn’t matter what we say.  Where ever we go, whatever we write or however we try to explain ourselves, the same question always comes up in one of the various forms: 1.  Do you guys even care about “being good?” 2.  You guys are ridiculous.  Don’t you […]

God, Suicide and Community (Reflections on the Bad Christian mini Tour)

Matt, Toby & I (Joey Svendsen) spent last week traveling to three southern cities for some hang-out time in living rooms packed with folks of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths.  People came in, most of them mixed with excitement and nervousness to be in close-knit quarters amongst strangers and the prospect of potentially having to talk […]