I Don’t Want To Be A Good Christian

  Sometimes I get jealous of bands.  Like, maybe it would be better to be in a band rather than in my band Emery.  I’m being a little bit of a crybaby but hear me out. It would be so freeing to be in a radio band like Mumford and Sons or even a band like […]

You Can’t be a Christian and Wear a Nirvana Shirt

I’ll never forget the day at Youth Camp when camp leaders reprimanded some kids for wearing Bob Marley, Pearl Jam, Kurt Cobain R.I.P., and other similar t-shirts. Kurt Cobain was the singer and song-writer for the band Nirvana who committed suicide in 1994 (pictured here). I get it. These bands weren’t Christian and they supported some “bad” things. […]

Not Talking About Sex is of The Devil

There he was, looking around the room thinking, “Is this for real?” (or MAYBE he was even thinking WTF). Henry, a new college student had shown up to a bible study of his peers for the first time, hoping to find accountability, encouragement, and friendship as a fellow Christian.  As he listened to the conversations […]