Was God Asking Us to Walk Away from the Church?

When we first started Emery, we decided that we’d be okay with any label people decided to place on our band.  People described us as rock, emo, screamo, hard-core, post-hardocre and the most unique label of all? christian. That last label changed us forever. (here’s our take on “secular/christian” music). We quickly found that through using […]

HELL NO: 19 Questions You May Ask Me About Hell

Let me preface by saying that when it comes to my faith, i have done a lot of doubting, soul-searching, and studying. After all of this studying, I have concluded two things: 1. there has to be a creator. For more thoughts on this, read this old post.   2.  Jesus is God.  After studying the […]


Picture Courtesy of: Living Wellness Why do people immediately blame God when bad stuff happens? Non Christians say, “If God was good then He wouldn’t let this happen.” Christians say, “God we just don’t understand what You’re doing!” or “God is using this or that to destroy the evil.” I’d like for us ALL to […]