Aaron Rodgers’ Grandma and Bad Christians

Christians have been given Jesus’ righteousness. We don’t have our own. We have been declared righteous. We aren’t righteous people. Think of an MVP Super Bowl Quarterback, like Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.  (He’s the best quarterback in the league by the way). What if he gave his MVP Super Bowl trophy to […]

The Good King by Ghost Ship (music recommendation)

  Ghost Ship leads music at Mars Hill Downtown Seattle. Their leader and singer, Cam, is a friend of both Toby and I.  (As you know, Toby was the Worship Director at Mars Hill West Seattle, and I lead music at Mars Hill Ballard.) Their keyboard player, Shay, lives 2 houses down from me and […]

You Consider Me an Enemy Because of my Beliefs? (a letter to those who hate Christians)

Not every “non-spiritual” or “non-christian” person, atheist, agnostic (or person from any other religion) is a Christian hater.  That’s why this post isn’t called something silly like “letter to the atheist.”  How ignorant and judgmental it would be for me to assume that all atheists hate what I stand for.  For more thoughts on this […]