God, Suicide and Community (Reflections on the Bad Christian mini Tour)

Matt, Toby & I (Joey Svendsen) spent last week traveling to three southern cities for some hang-out time in living rooms packed with folks of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths.  People came in, most of them mixed with excitement and nervousness to be in close-knit quarters amongst strangers and the prospect of potentially having to talk […]

If You Pray, Do You Pray Like This?

here’s a prayer that a friend showed me, after he wrote it in his journal to God.  Doesn’t sound like God is his Yard Boy at all.  Sounds like He’s talking to….God.  

Was God Asking Us to Walk Away from the Church?

When we first started Emery, we decided that we’d be okay with any label people decided to place on our band.  People described us as rock, emo, screamo, hard-core, post-hardocre and the most unique label of all? christian. That last label changed us forever. (here’s our take on “secular/christian” music). We quickly found that through using […]