Emery Albums, Emery Fanatics, Facebook Unlikes, and Love

Toby’s favorite Emery album is “In Shallow Seas We Sail,” followed by “I’m Only a Man” and his third favorite is “The Question.”  Matt’s favorite is “The Weak’s End,” followed by “We Do What We Want,” and his third favorite is “The Question.” Toby wants to be a good husband and uses the bible as […]

“I used to be a Christian, but…” (real confessions from Facebook friends)

  In ten years of touring with “Christian bands,” I’d say one of the most common–and surprising–paths I’ve witnessed so many bands take, goes something like this: new band on fire for God, praying before every show, no drinking, no cussing, praying with and meeting fans every night.  And 4 years later?  living with girlfriends, […]

I’ve Got A Candy Crush

Picture Courtesy of: arabaoyunu In the last couple of weeks I have developed a slight crush. Well, maybe a little more than slight. It’s more like I feed this infatuation whenever there is a free second. Wait. What? How did I let this happen?  I’m married with kids. I’m a christian for goodness sake! I just need […]