“I used to be a Christian, but…” (real confessions from Facebook friends)

  In ten years of touring with “Christian bands,” I’d say one of the most common–and surprising–paths I’ve witnessed so many bands take, goes something like this: new band on fire for God, praying before every show, no drinking, no cussing, praying with and meeting fans every night.  And 4 years later?  living with girlfriends, […]

I Can’t Tell My Pastor That.

There is something in people that makes them want to share their personal stories, sin, and suffering with other people.  There is also something inside that makes them afraid to share with people they know well. There is also something about art, (music and lyrics specifically) which allows people to connect their own stories to […]

It sucks being honest, especially when you care about your image.

  My favorite artist, David Bazan, once said in an interview that the problem with Christian music is that it tells people about Jesus without telling them why they need Him.  I think this is true with the way we display our lives as well. We are pretty solid on talking about Jesus and saying […]