I’ve Got A Candy Crush

Picture Courtesy of: arabaoyunu In the last couple of weeks I have developed a slight crush. Well, maybe a little more than slight. It’s more like I feed this infatuation whenever there is a free second. Wait. What? How did I let this happen?  I’m married with kids. I’m a christian for goodness sake! I just need […]

You Consider Me an Enemy Because of my Beliefs? (a letter to those who hate Christians)

Not every “non-spiritual” or “non-christian” person, atheist, agnostic (or person from any other religion) is a Christian hater.  That’s why this post isn’t called something silly like “letter to the atheist.”  How ignorant and judgmental it would be for me to assume that all atheists hate what I stand for.  For more thoughts on this […]

Do you really want to get involved with those who suffer (Addiction, Abuse, Shame etc.)?

By:Matt Carter Do you often find yourself in the path of those who are suffering?  Are you a pastor that has a lot of hurting people in you care?  Do people think you are a “good” or “serious” Christian” or a “leader,” and as a result perhaps avoid sharing their real struggles with you? Let […]