We’re Going on Tour and No One’s Going To Be There

  For three days in September, Matt, Toby, and Joey are going to do a test tour.  From September 11th-September 13th, we will sit in 3 different living rooms and do a lot of talking… and listening.  We’re calling it a test because it (and we) might actually fail. We have a serious vision for the future, but there […]

I Can’t Tell My Pastor That

There is something in people that makes them want to share their personal stories, sin, and suffering with other people.  There is also something inside that makes them afraid to share with people they know well. There is also something about art, music and lyrics specifically, which allows people to share their own stories.  Every […]

Confessions from Toby Morrell: “I’m Worried and it’s Killing Me.”

I want to say “Thank you” to each and every one of you who reads our words.  We really enjoy doing this and have been amazed at your responses and interest.   With that being said, I want to use this post to reveal a little about us; and in particular, me. In case there’s […]