You Consider Me an Enemy Because of my Beliefs? (a letter to those who hate Christians)

Not every “non-spiritual” or “non-christian” person, atheist, agnostic (or person from any other religion) is a Christian hater.  That’s why this post isn’t called something silly like “letter to the atheist.”  How ignorant and judgmental it would be for me to assume that all atheists hate what I stand for.  For more thoughts on this […]

I’m usually Glad to Hear “I don’t believe in God”

I have had the incredible opportunity from playing music and touring, to travel the world a little, and travel the United States a lot.  Like, seriously a lot. I’ve played over a thousand shows, played in every state except Wyoming, oddly, and am probably approaching 1 million miles of US interstates.  Yea, that’s a lot […]

I wouldn’t serve a God who________?

Yeah, I’ve been that dummy that deserved to be squashed, the arrogant prick that critiqued God on how He runs His universe.  You? Maybe you do this, but you don’t see the big deal?  Ok, think of it this way.  What if you drew a stick figure on a blank sheet of paper and figured […]