Yo, That Junk’s Just COLD, Bro! (including an official statement)

  Honestly, every cutting, mean-spirited, and belittling comment we get from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ only further demonstrates why BadChristian exists. We’ve asked these questions before:  What if we really are wrong?  What if we really are in err?  The approach they take to “help” some of their fellow believers?  Belittling attacks that are entirely […]

So Blessed to Have a Perfect Marriage

It was a “good call” for this particular couple to approach my wife and I about their marital issues.  As Matt Carter was fine-tuning the Monday post, “I Can’t Tell My Pastor That,” my wife and I were counseling a younger couple through some of their marriage stuff.  They picked the right couple!  You see, […]

It Sucks Being Honest, Especially When You Are a Pastor

I want to jump into this conversation by adding to the “confessions.”  As I’ve already told you here in an old post, I have occasional struggles with depression, sometimes to the point of feeling like I can’t make it to the next day.  I continually battle the unhealthy desire to be significant, appreciated, and respected.  Just […]