SOhhhhhhh.  You thought we were going to talk about cussing again.  WRONG!  I want to tell you about this unbelievable album that came out last year.  A lot of you read my “Story of Emery,” where I talked about that good old school sounding emo.  Well, there are bands that are bringing that old school sound back and Swearin’ is one of them.  When it comes to that old emo sound, you had bands that went for a beauty/epic emo sound, bands that went for the screamo sound, bands that went for the pop-emo sound (pemo), and bands that went for the punk-emo sound.  Get Up Kids were the best at the punk emo sound, and Swearin’ picks up where the Get Up Kids left off.

Here’s the beauty of Swearin’s album, “Swearin’.”

1.  The songs are an average of 2 minutes each, so for you impatient, A.D.D music listeners, you never get bored.

2.  You have melodic guitars with an edgy, punk-rock approach.

3.  You’ve got female and male vocals that complement each other wonderfully.

4.  The hooks are catchy.

5.  The production is raw and yet very accessible.

6.  Some songs are slow and beautiful while the others are fast and beautiful.

7.  You’ll want to high-five your old college friends after listening to this one.


For those of you that were big into the indie/emo scene back in the late 1990s/early 2000s, get ready to reminisce.  For those of you that are too young to remember, get ready to fall in love.

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