Spreading the Gospel is not always spreading the Gospel


Let’s drop in on Frank and Lamont’s convo:


Frank:     You really need Jesus in your life.

Lamont: Why?

Frank:     Because He can make your life better and worth living.

Lamont: But my life is actually great right now.

Frank:    That’s what you think but your wrong. It’s a tool of the enemy.

Lamont: The enemy seems kinda like a cool dude then, making my life good and all. Which by the way you told me the invisible guy you want me to talk to in my head would do as well.

Frank:      No. Satan wants you to spend eternity in Hell.

Lamont:  So we are now not talking about this present life, but after I die?

Frank:      Both my friend.

Lamont:  Well I just don’t believe that if there is a God he’d do that to me. I try to be agood person and I want to help others. You’re telling me that I’m wrong for that and I deserve punishment forever.?

Frank:     Well…yes…kind of…I mean…you’re good and all, but you just need to say and believe Jesus is Lord.

Lamont:   No thanks,  I’m cool.



Why do people need Jesus?  Why do you need Jesus?  Don’t answer with only an inspirational quote like, “He is my hope.” That is hard to recite when it all hits the fan. Also, don’t preach to others here, but really just talk about you and JC for a minute.  Think on this for a while and then share your thoughts.


What do you think?

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