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One of Many Problems for the Typical Atheist


In one breath, you (atheist) refer to God and His Old Testament practices of violently wiping out evil on Earth; and you accuse Him of doing evil.   In the next breath, you accuse Him of being evil for allowing evil to exist; but I thought you were just pissed at Him for doing something about it. I think you may want to pick a side and stick with it.

Better yet, if one is an atheist, he can’t even believe in the concept of evil and remain consistent with his beliefs. Without God, there is no such thing as evil.   If there’s no God, there’s no inherent value to anything.  ”People,” “animals,” “plants,” etc are just complex, developed bundles of highly-functioning molecules.  And if there is no higher ground of morality to defer to, the atheist cannot legitimately point to wrongdoing in anything. Unfortunately, this includes the serial rapist, child molester, and terrorist.  These actions are not evil if the “things” doing them are just molecules!  One of your comrades in the atheist faith, Nietzsche, was at least consistent with his beliefs.  If no God exists, then, Nihilism makes sense.

Read the definition of Nihilism right here.  According to this philosophy, life is meaningless.

Christians, on the other hand, can at least identify evil for what it is, pronounce Jesus as the victor, and know that all of it (evil) will soon reach its demise; for God IS all-powerful and He IS all-loving.  The end is near.

*For any atheist reader, if you’ve been following us at unlearning for long, you’ll know our hearts isn’t to win an argument but to truly point all of us to what we believe as truth.  We consider you our brothers and sisters in humanity and feel certain we can learn from you in this life.  To be frank, all of us would be much better off if we did a lot more listening to each other.  Here’s a post that depicts a real discussion in which a Christian and Atheist did a great job at this (hearing one another out) in my opinion.

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