Should My Kids Go To Private Christian School?

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I have many friends and family members that go to a private Christian School. I don’t really know what I think about it. I am definitely not here to say it’s bad. Parents should decide where their children go and I believe that these schools are trying to honor God with their service to the students. But I’d like to express a few thoughts I have had concerning the subject and see if I can provoke a little conversation with some of my questions…

DISCLAIMER: I am not talking about better education, class size, or teacher quality here. I know that is the case for many or most private schools. I just want to get behind some of the easy reasons and see if there is more to the story. Also, there is at least a decent chance I will try to get my own children into a school I am discussing here on this post.

1. Why send your kid to a christian school?

  • Is it for safety? Are we afraid that the world will overpower the Holy Spirit and we’ll lose our christianity?
  • Are we lazy? Do we want to send our children off and let someone else get our child to Jesus?
  • Do we have fear of man and actually mistrust the strength of Jesus and our abilities in Him and through the Holy Spirit?

2.Would Jesus go to private school?

  • Where would Jesus be if he were a student today? Would he only be with those that loved him?
  • What kind of education did Jesus get? Would he have used his money for himself to learn more about the bible?

3. Are we more worried about our kids than the students that they could be influencing?

  • Do you truly care about people who don’t believe in Jesus?
  • Do you courageously trust Jesus with your own children?
  • Do you think that your children’s faith is weak and they will give up on Jesus?
  • And if so do you fear your own faith will be tested and that could get hard or ugly?

4. What do you learn at a private Christian school?


We’d love for you guys to respond and start some conversation.

What do you think?

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