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Joey Svendsen

Joey Svendsen grew up and still lives in Charleston SC.  He’s been married to his “Iowa Sweetheart” for 9 years.  They have 9 kids together and have been married for four years.  I mean, they have been married for 9 years and have four kids together (2 girls and two boys: Rosa, Gwenny, William, and Waylon).  After teaching math and science to middle school hell-raisers for 5 years, he was hired on staff at Seacoast Church as a youth leader and now currently serves as the campus pastor of the Seacoast James Island location.  Spending time with his family, watching Packer and Clemson Tiger football, studying theology, collecting music and jogging are Joey’s favorite things in life.  You’ll find him listening to all kinds of music, but he usually sticks to trendy “indie” music and hip-hop.  Joey has always called Toby his best friend (to his face), but this was merely his response to God’s command of “loving your enemies.” Matt is way easier for him to love. I mean, look at him. Who can’t love Matt?