It sucks being honest, especially when you care about your image.


Angel-Coloring-PageMy favorite artist, David Bazan, once said in an interview that the problem with Christian music is that it tells people about Jesus without telling them why they need Him.  I think this is true with the way we display our lives as well. We are pretty solid on talking about Jesus and saying  that other people need him, but it we often skip why we need him.  When we do share, we tend to talk about our “old ways” or “back in the day” and what a mess I was.

I think it might be more compelling and honest if we were brave enough to share why specifically WE need Jesus TODAY.  I am guilty of  trying to manage my image , I even say its for the sake of Christ, but I am not a “Hero for Christ”.  I’m not sure if anyone is, or if such a thing exists.  So lets use this post and the comment section to all share some of the unresolved shit that we are actually in right now. Let’s do this and trust that the Holy Spirit to use us as we are.

I’ll go first…

I (Matt) think I am at least a little bit better and smarter than the rest of you. I currently want to teach and instruct and inspire other people, yet I am currently not even reading the Bible regularly.  I am not leading my household well, as my wife carries more responsibilities than she should have to and am glad to have the free time I do.  I am either too lazy or afraid to share the Gospel with some people who are very close to me and that I love, but I like to talk about it on the internet instead. I am having difficulty not looking over the aisle to the sex section across from me at the Barnes and Noble that I am sitting in while I am typing this.

I know many of you probably have scriptures and advice you’d like to share with me, but I’m asking you to instead be open about YOUR current situation. Let’s just for once, not immediately wrap everything up and make it look good.  Maybe the people around us can begin to see our NEED for Jesus and see that we are able to actually walk in the light because we trust Him.

Please share where you are in your life right here in the comment section below.

What do you think?

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