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The Good King by Ghost Ship (music recommendation)



Ghost Ship leads music at Mars Hill Downtown Seattle. Their leader and singer, Cam, is a friend of both Toby and I.  (As you know, Toby was the Worship Director at Mars Hill West Seattle, and I lead music at Mars Hill Ballard.) Their keyboard player, Shay, lives 2 houses down from me and he left a Little Caesar’s Pizza on my doorstep a couple of days ago. That alone warrants my support. But, you ask, “What kind of music does Ghost Ship play?  Is it worship music??”  Well, that can be a tricky question.

I have spent over 10 years making records and touring the world, playing music in bars, clubs, festivals, and churches.  After ten years of extensive research on the subject, I am now prepared to answer this tough question.

What is the difference between Christian music, worship music, church music, secular music, and youth group entertainment?  

Eh…..there is no difference. Maybe I need ten more years of research.

People can be Christian (saved by the blood of Christ and having the indwelling Holy Spirit), music cannot.  Jesus can be and is worshiped through almost all types of music(including instrumental, and music created by non-believers). 

The music I/we have made has been called all of the above, each description intended to be an insult sometimes, and a compliment others.  People are free to debate this all they like, but I find it silly to make non-musical distinctions about music.  Any attempts to do this usually fail.  I know many people in big “Christian and worship bands” that certainly do NOT know or love Jesus. Conversely, I know many believers who are in what are labeled “secular” bands that people are forbidden to listen to.  {see previous post Kanye vs Worship leader}

 I prefer to just listen to music that I “like” if thats not too much of a stretch.

 For the record, I have almost spent most of my life being biased against what people call Christian music.  I have also almost entirely disliked any music I have heard at church.  Given my previous paragraph, this makes me hypocrite, especially as I sit here today to actually RECOMMEND  what would most would consider to be a “worship band”.  


I recommend Ghost Ship’s record, The Good King to you guys because  I “like” it.  The music is catchy, fun, the recording is very interesting and well done, and the lyrics are powerful.  That is pretty much what makes a good record, do you not agree?  Additionally, You may like the record even more because the powerful lyrics I mentioned before are exclusively about Jesus Christ and the Gospel. Cool, what an awesome subject if you are into it right?  Additional facts that contribute to the story of this band:  They ARE believers, they DO worship Jesus through THIS music and lead others AT church with it. This is a compelling and interesting story for a good band to have. This is much like the straight-edge, vegan band Remembering Never, who we toured with and I like, although not Christians at all, they had a story, a mission, and a personality. This all came out in their music which was a vehicle for their larger platform.  Ghost Ship is the same in that way.  I love the music as well as mission behind their music as well as the dudes themselves.


Buy this record. Support them, IF and only IF you like it.  I’m just pointing you in the direction. I would like to see them succeed.

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