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Does God Cause Evil? (theology lesson of the day)

hungryHere’s what we know:

  1. God is all good.
  2. God is sinless and does not tempt others to sin.
  3. God did not create evil, but rather created life that had the potential of creating evil.
  4. God will eventually put an end to all evil, proving that He is all-loving and all-powerful.

We also Know:

  1. He is sovereign – He can do whatever He pleases, He is aware of everything that will happen (sin included), and easily has the power to stop something from happening (yet chooses not to).


Isn’t it hard to distinguish “allowing evil” from “causing evil,” when looking at God through the lenses of His sovereignty?  For example, from a strictly human perspective, you would never expect me to suffocate a baby with a plastic bag.  That would be unbelievably evil.

What if I watched a baby struggle with a plastic bag after inadvertently covering its head with it.  Wouldn’t that be just as evil?  Of course it would be.

Here’s where I think Christians often go wrong.  Many people always think they know what “bad” is and they say, “Since God is good all the time, anything ‘bad’ is not from God.”  Are all things that WE view as bad, really bad, though?  The loss of a child, for example, is a horrible thing on this side of existence, but if it leads to the salvation of the parents and a happy family reunion in heaven, is that really a bad thing?

God’s original intent for the world was for no evil to exist, nor sickness, nor pain.  However, he can certainly use sickness, pain, and even evil spirits in the lives of BELIEVERS for their greater good.

So, yes.  I believe that “God is good…all the time.”  I also think that we cannot determine what is good for all people in all places at all times.  So if I fall and break my leg, don’t tell me that God didn’t want that to happen.  He let it happen (and I trust Him) and better yet, He possibly wanted it to happen so He could bless me with more time to read nerdy theology books and  view DVDs of the Green Bay Packers mopping up the NFL.

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