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Being Gay is WAY Worse Than Not Loving

Joey:  Me, Matt and Toby are gay.  Can you believe it?  All this time, you thought we were straight.

Reader:  But, you guys have wives and kids.

Joey:  I know but that’s not the first time a gay guy has had a wife and kid(s). Duh.  

Reader:  But you guys never said anything about this.

Joey:  Yeah, we were scared.

Reader:  This just makes no sense.

Joey:  Ok, you are right.  We aren’t gay.  We are heterosexuals for sure.

Reader:  Why are you being so weird and trippy?

Joey:  To make a point.

Reader:  What kind of dumb point are you making?  It’s kind of offensive and bizarre.

Joey:  Did you just call me dumb?

Reader:  No.  Just calling your point dumb.

Joey:  Oh.  Ok, so my point?  Let me ask you some questions, friend.

Reader:  We are not friends but ok.

Joey:  Dang.  That’s cold.  Ok, here we go:  Are you a Christian?

Reader:  Yes.

Joey:  But, I don’t think you are in community with other believers are you?  Which means that you really aren’t accountable to anyone.

Reader:  I know but life is busy so it’s just really tough to make time for it.

Joey:  So, you are a Christian?  Do you give money to a good cause, outside of your personal car payments, house upgrades, or hobbies?

Reader:  Not really.

Joey:  Hmmm.  What about serving others and giving up your time in order to do so.  The founder of Christianity was said to have come for serving others and not the other way around.  Do you spend a significant time living for others, or is most of your time spent doing what you need/want to do for you and your family only.

Reader:  Well, my family is important.  I want what’s best for my kids.

Joey:  Wow.  No offense and nothing but love, but you have a lot of excuses not to be like Jesus.  It seems as if it makes just as much sense for you to say you are a Christian as me saying that I’m a homosexual.  Right?


It amazes me how many Christians claim Christ as Savior and are so quick to point out all the problems in this world and……do very little in contributing to solutions through giving money, resources and/or time.  I for one can do more for sure.  Also, this isn’t just a “Christian problem.”  There’s a lot of folks outside the church that talk the same talk with very little walk.

It amazes me how much emphasis the church places on homosexuality being wrong but the two greatest commandments of “loving God” and “loving others” are kind of ignored.  Sometimes, it’s not even “kind of ignored,” but “clearly and emphatically ignored.”  Like, I am a pastor of a church and I dearly love each and every person that God sends this way.  I really do.  I must say, however, how shocking it is to see numerous professing Christians who come each Sunday, give little to no money, sacrifice no time to serve others and honestly just take, take, take.

Unfortunately, I can relate all too well to this lack of zeal of “being the church” and serving others.  Before I was a pastor, I was a school teacher and because of the intensity and fast-pace of my normal work week, I wanted little to do with being in a small group.  I justified my refusal by my busyness and the lie of: “my wife and out-of-state friends are my community” when my wife was dying for more.  Bottom line?  I was selfish and ignored the innate need for community that God has placed in all of us.

Through these same years, I reluctantly served in Student Ministry (youth group) but honestly?  It was more out of obligation.  Thus, I of all people have little room to instruct others in this regard.

At the same time, God hasn’t asked me to lead others out of my perfection nor through my great example.  Seems like Paul says that his boasting in weakness is the very thing that highlights Jesus’ greatness.

Thank you Lord for healing the blindness to my own selfishness, and please forgive me for my former robbing of your church (and to this day still battling selfishness).  Thank you for the many examples of servant-hearted people you’ve placed in my path, who teach me true generosity, serving and receiving no paycheck in return.  If I ever serve at a church as a volunteer again, I pray that I will be a better steward of my time and gifts that you have given me.

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