Football Would Be Boring If There Were No Losers

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I love football more than I love most people. Bad start here. Sorry. Not a good confession, but it feels that way sometimes. I’m really excited for football season to come back around, and not equally excited about certain acquaintances or my neighbors. Some of you may wonder why I like a dumb game so much.

The answer is actually pretty simple.

It is brutally real right in front of my eyes. I get to view the mistakes, the worry (mine included), the plans, the schemes, the anger, and the heroics all in a just a few hours. It’s like regular everyday life complete with winners and losers; and boy is it popular in America.

Why is this game so successful with these things, but general Christian-living can appear so boring?


We don’t show people the whole game when it comes to our lives.

The truth is, people want to belong to something bigger, and we were created to worship. So as you know, along the way, in trying to find “something bigger” and “something to worship,” we turned from God to ourselves and each other. But why can’t non-christians be as excited to “watch christianity,” join us, and give it support? Because we don’t give them the “whole game.”

We want them to study the Bible, (the playbook if you will) learn it and follow it. The problem is, we don’t study it ourselves and then we try to hide that with “Scriptures of the Day” and by diligently attending the Sunday Service(team meetings). We are full of stories about our bad, sinful past,(espn classic reruns) but very rarely are we being honest about the secrets we have when we’re alone today. Why don’t we let non-christians in?  Why don’t we let them see more mistakes, weaknesses and just plain reality? I know this is crazy, but hear me out:

Non-Christians are just like us, except they don’t have Jesus. So, why not show them we aren’t Him and reveal what He is doing in our lives today?

I heard a Pastor on the radio this morning saying he struggled with eating ice cream a lot! Surely he has bigger losses (sin) than that.  Why in the world would a non-christian listening to this pastor think that this leader in the church, or themselves for that matter, need Jesus?  The truth is that without Jesus, our lives are only about us, and we become alone in making decisions. We were built for community and for sharing our lives; with our God and with each other.  The wins and the losses.

What do you think?

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