We’re Trying to Figure Out the Whole “cussing thing” for our NEW EBOOK.

Our ebook is almost finished and we are pretty excited about it.  Let me say this.  It’s been pretty established in the past that our definition of a “potty mouth” is pretty different from most Christians.  If you don’t believe us, read the comments in this old post right here.  We certainly sympathize with the various opinions in the church concerning what is and is not appropriate forms of communication.  So, we are thinking about putting out two versions, one G and one M, for mature.  Matt by far cusses the most but all of this is really besides the point.  

We want as many people to read this book as possible.  It could perhaps be the only “Christian book” ever written, that takes such an abrasive approach to this particular angle.  Our angle?  Don’t sugar coat.  Tell the truth about ourselves, how sorry we are about our sin and exalt Jesus as savior.  

You’ll hear stories about:

1.  Matt’s shame about getting drunk (unfortunately not that long ago)

2.  Matt’s account of Joey sinfully abandoning his friends and being a coward by running away from his problems.

3.  How the majority of Toby’s Christian walk has been about himself and not about Jesus.  

4.  Toby’s analysis on Matt’s fear of emotional closeness with people.  

5.  Joey’s account of overhearing Toby’s reckless and abusive verbal tirades to a girl he was dating at the time.  

6.  How Joey sometimes uses his depression as an excuse to not love.  

Are we trying to make ourselves look cool?   Are you serious?!  Did you just read the above descriptions?  Are we glorifying sin?  No way.  All of us would prefer not to print these things about ourselves.  That’s just the point.  Most Christians, including us,  want to “look good,” “appear to have our act together,” and offer advice rather than humbly needing it from others.  

This mindset is deeply entrenched in the very fabric of church community, making it pretty fruitless church community (if community at all).  This is one of the reasons we are doing Bad Christian.  This has got to change.  It’s not biblical.  It highlights people and not the gospel.  It’s not attractive to those that are lost.  The church is losing on account of our pride.  Many within the church are trying to do something about it.  We want to help too.

(3) excerpts from our new ebook coming out in November:


Now I do want to make clear that my church and my Christian friends truly loved me and helped me, but the problem was that we all focused on symptoms and not the sickness.  It was like I had a works checklist that I mentally filled out and as long as I had some checks then I was going to be just fine.   It looked like this:

Go to church? Check

Pray at least once? I did that at church. Check.

Read the Bible? I did that at church. Check.

I talked about God? We did that at church and even discussed how the evil homosexuals and atheists are lost!

 As you can see this list wasn’t about God. It was about me and I was pretty lazy.

If it had been about God it would have looked like this:

 Masturbated while looking at pornography? Check. Lord I am so weak to this and I want to control my sex life.

Did not control my eating habits? Check. I over ate and abused my body which you call my temple. I do it to fill voids that I don’t want to face. I do it for the pleasure my taste buds give me. I do it out of laziness.  God why can’t I fill my self up with your truth?



It’s a big problem that we try to appear “good” when the core of our belief is that we are by nature, and choice, f***ed up, so much so that we require the supernatural God to save us (Romans 8:3-4).  How is anyone supposed to get this truth when all we do is pretend that we have our shit together?  To this, many Christians would respond that before we become a Christian, admittedly, we were indeed a disaster, but now that we are saved, we do in fact live righteous lives.  I disagree, and I believe the Bible disagrees.  While its true that we are “declared righteous,” and seen as “spotless” “washed, white as snow,” it is clear that when God looks at us he sees Jesus’ righteousness, NOT OURS.  This is why Paul resorted to boast only in Jesus and the cross (Galatians 6:14). 



Make no mistake about it.  Realness, humility, transparency, community, and the simplicity of the gospel is far from a “new thing” that people are starving for.  It’s all the church was ever intended to be.  The church has gotten away from this simplicity, but it never ceased to be God’s intention for people.  Just as Adam and Eve did in the garden, we daily want it our way, which includes “us looking better than we are,” “us hiding our sin,” “us being selfish with our time and resources” and “us making the gospel about what we do for God and not about what He’s done for us.”  When people are truly pointed in the direction of Jesus and the simple approach to His truth, deplete of all the other church-fluff, it’s hard not to get intoxicated.  (intoxicated as an analogy of delight.  I didn’t mean, “it’s hard not to go get wasted.”)

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