In the Name of Jesus, Please Trim the BS.

DRAMAIt’s just a crying shame for the whole world that people don’t just handle their business with one another.  And then when some one dares to try and handle some business that happens to require some confrontation, the person involved responds with a “how dare you” type attitude.  People are prideful, they want to run their own lives, be respected and the last thing they want to swallow is their pride.  I get it because I struggle with this too.

I’m going to make a bold statement.  There is absolutely no way that these prideful attitudes should be rampant in the church.  Here are a handful of scenarios.

1.  “That leader in the church pissed me off.  I’m out of here.  No one is going to talk to me like that and I don’t have time for drama.”  Huh?  Let’s get some things straight.  You are a sinner.  This person you are mad at is a sinner and the church has got to learn to talk things out.  Are you saying that Jesus’ Great Commission needs to take a backseat to your ego?

2.  “I’m going to give him  a piece of my mind.  That’s just me.  That’s what I do.  I keep it real.  If they don’t like it, I don’t give a damn. I don’t have time for drama.”  Well, when Jesus had insults hurled at Him, he said “father forgive them.”  Sure, there should often be conversation, but Christians are called to be loving and oh yes, gentle (2 Tim 2:23-26).

3.  I don’t respect my leader, but I am a peace-keeper, so there is no need to talk to him/her.  I’ll just talk to 4-5 other people so they can hear my pain.  I’ll just be humble and plus, I don’t have time for drama.  What if your leader could really benefit from what you have to say.  Also, do you have the church’s unity in mind when your talk to 4-5 other people?  You are actually supposed to go straight to the source, dumb head (Matthew 18).

4.  ”If they don’t like it, they can get the heck out of dodge because I don’t have time for drama” (Leader/Pastor).  What happened to actually pastoring people.  Sure, there is a time to part ways, but if you do 2 Timothy 2:23-26, you may win your brother back.  If Jesus reflected this attitude, there would have been 11 less disciples to spread the gospel after He rose.  They were all ridiculously messed up dudes, but Jesus was a true Pastor.

See my point?  See how the most dramatic people are the ones that claim to have no stomach for it?  Just like middle school boys that are infatuated with girls and demonstrate their infatuation by constantly verbalizing their hatred and disgust of them.  One of the most common ways that boys flirt with girls is half-hearted violence (punching the arm, antagonistic bear hugs, and hair pulling).

Christians, I exhort you! (I just wanted to sound old school)

1.  Protect the unity of your local church and of the universal church.  You can’t do this without talking crap out.  The world will know us by our love for one another (John 13:35).  To truly love one another, we have to have hard conversations.

2.  Lay your pride aside and don’t be so offended, even if your brother or sister does not approach the situation lovingly.  Regardless of how they approach you, maybe they still have a legitimate point to make.  If not, you can teach them a great deal by refusing to be so concerned about yourself and by loving them through being so ugly to you.  

3.  Jesus is the hero.  His reputation is what we want known and esteemed.  If we want our own to be highly esteemed, we’ll eventually cause many to stumble when we stumble.  We need to encourage people’s eyes to be locked on Jesus and His grace in our lives; not locked on us and how good we’ve become.

4.  Get out of your comfort zone and give people the benefit of the doubt.  I don’t know how often I’ve misperceived, misunderstood, or misheard something that some one said or did.  I thank the Lord that I usually talk things out so the situation can be set right; and many times, I will be put in my place.

Sorry for sounding so preachy.  I want to say that I am certainly part of the problem.  One of the main things in heaven that I look forward to is finally being freed from myself and my desire to be esteemed, liked and cherished by other people.  I can’t wait for the day when every ounce of my body walks down the streets of gold, 100% consumed with Jesus and laughing with joy  that I really thought I was something down on Earth.

What do you think?

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