It’s Funny that Churches Are Named After People, eh? What About “ChurchToby of Fatter-Day Saints?”

It’s funny that churches are named after people.  There are certainly GOOD churches that are named after saints, apostles, etc.  At least, I think so.  I can’t say from experience, but my assumption is that there is. But, let’s think about it.  If a church names their community, building, or Sunday morning gathering after anyone besides Jesus, here’s the type of person that they named their church after:

  1. Some one whose sins put Jesus on the cross.
  2. Some one who probably lusted after women.
  3. Some one who returned to his vomit every time he sinned (2 Peter 2:22).
  4. Some one who was hypocritical, teaching one thing and yet doing another; we all preach against sin and yet, we all sin (1 John 1).
  5. Some one who needed the mission of the very church they were named after, in order to hear about the grace that they so desperately needed for salvation.


So, the point of this post?  Considering the above description, if you really want to name your church after some one, what about MTJ (for Matt, Toby and Joey) Church?  It’s got a good feel to it.  “Matoey Church?”  ”Jatoby Church?”  ”To-attey Church?”  Actually, please don’t.

You get the point.

Either name your church “Jesus Church” or name it after a biblical passage like “Mars Hill Church,” your geographical location like “Seacoast Church,” something that sounds really cool like “The Net Church” or “Mosaic Church.”

Or maybe go cheesy.  “Salvation Station” or “Holy Ghost Bustuz Church?”

Or maybe go random.  “Hand, Mouth, Foot Church” or “Barney Killed Big Bird” church.

The choice is yours, church planter.  Don’t blow it.

What do you think?

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