Why are “Church Folks” so mean?


Hey, guys.  Want to take a second to thank you all.  The dialoguing amongst people from so many backgrounds here on this blog, from atheists to evangelical Christians to everything in between, has been really encouraging.

It amazes me, however,  how many “church folks” read our stuff only to get out of it a message of us encouraging the freedom of stuff like cussing, drinking, and listening to Kanye West amongst Christians.  Really?  That’s what you got out of it?  Here’s a couple of posts that a lot of y’all did this with:

1.  Jesus Saved My Ass

2.  The Bible Says “Don’t Be a Stumbling Block,” But I Disagree.  

We know that in some peoples book we are “bad Christians.”  Instead of arguing, we will just go ahead and directly cop to this and agree with you. In the Bible, the Apostle Paul asserted that, of sinners, he was foremost. We also see Peter, who after being with Jesus for his entire ministry, made some serious blunders. We also see a condemned criminal on the cross next to Jesus who was assured that he would be “in Paradise” with Him that very day.  Well, we certainly fall into the same group as these guys.  They were all “bad  Christians.”  With that being said, I don’t think our beliefs are “way out there.”

So, let me break down 5 beliefs that we have here at Unlearning for all you guys that just don’t get it.  Maybe it will clear up some of the smoke.

1.  We believe that the “bizzle is the shizzle.”  This is Snoop’s way of saying, “we believe that the Bible is true.”  There are things in the bible that are very clear (all humans are born into sin, all need Jesus’ grace, Jesus is the only hope and He’s the only way to God). There’s other things that are not.  The issues that are clear, we choose not to budge on.  I mean, we’ll straight up take a bullet for them things.  Call us crazy.  That’s fine.  Unloving? That’s your prerogative, but it’s a dumb one.  Seems sort of silly and immature to call us hateful just for believing something that you don’t understand or embrace.

2.  We believe everything the bible says is sin, IS SIN.  We just don’t believe that’s where emphasis needs to be placed on.  All emphasis needs to be put on Jesus.

a.  If the focus is on sin, we’ll get frustrated when we lose to it and prideful when we kick it’s ass.  If the focus is on Jesus, we’ll rest in Him when we lose to it and thank Him when He kicks sin’s ass.

b.  If the focus is on sin, we’ll have less patience and more frustration with other Christians.  If we focus on Jesus, we’ll have more love and understanding.

c.  If the focus is on sin, we’ll fight hard for a political agenda that makes certain sins illegal, we’ll hate homosexual rights, and not even consider legislating rules against sins that are dear to us personally (like 2 extra slices of cheesecake after 3 plates of fries at Red Robin).  If the focus is on Jesus, we’ll just want every one to see Him for who He is, so the world can change; one changed heart at a time.

3.  We believe any one who talks about rules or moral convictions that are not in the Bible needs to stop expecting all of God’s children to fall in line with another god (you).  This is legalism.  Why in the world would you have the time to make up rules anyway?  Shouldn’t you be spending your time just telling people about Jesus, how much you need Him, and just enjoy your freedom in Him?

4.  We want Jesus’ name to be great and one of the ways this will happen is if our names become crummy.  That’s why you’ve read whole posts on Toby’s worrying, Matt’s pride, and Joey’s depression.   In fact, this is all we’ve got.  And we are extremely convicted to have this approach in our communication.  We are always the losers and Jesus is always the Victor.  We need rescuing and Jesus is always the rescuer.

God says to the Apostle Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” and Paul responds by saying, “Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me” (2 Corinthians 12:9).  Boast in weakness?  My, how we overlook this.

5.  We really don’t want to argue with people.  If people disagree with Jesus being Lord, that’s one thing.  If you really are disgusted about what we are saying, that’s another thing, and you aren’t forced to read it, right?

If you are a Christian that thinks we’re heretics, perhaps remember that we believe in the same savior as you do, and maybe you can just rejoice in our mutual belief that Jesus is supreme; and compared to Him, we are both nothing.


Don’t you agree that’s a good starting point for any brother and sister in Christ, regardless of how many times we mess things up?

What do you think?

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