Will Chris Farley be in Heaven?

I’m gonna say……. YES!   If you’ve seen the photos of his death scene (and I recommend that you don’t look at them) you’ll see in his hand, a rosary being clasped. While this does not guarantee salvation in itself, (no where in the bible does it say, “If you die with a rosary in hand, thou art saved, you and your household.”) it does mean that Chris was thinking about God. Could he have called out the name of Jesus?

Here’s what I think. I think our minds are going to be blown away in heaven when we see just how simple the gospel is and how gracious God has been from generation to generation in the many people that simply received from Him. Remember how simple it was for the guy that died next to Jesus and how gracious the King was to him?

And if Chris Farley called upon His name, He’s in heaven (Romans 10:13) and if he’s in heaven, when your name is called up yonder from the book of life, for some comic relief, you just may hear this:

Miss you, Chris Farley
February 15, 1964 – December 18, 1997

What do you think?

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