Emery Answers Some of Your Dumb Questions (video includes footage from their current tour)

So, Matt just called me to ask if I’d post this video for your viewing pleasure after writing something quick about it. After watching it, I’m at a loss for words. I’ll try to get 3 sentences out about this video you are about to watch: 1.  Emery makes a mockery out of your questions.  […]

Interview with Devin Shelton (part 2)

Devin gets grilled by Joey, as Joey poses as an atheist. Main topic at hand is how people can serve a God that let’s so much bad stuff happen in the world. For more reading on this sort of thing, here’s some more posts you may be interested in: “Is God Your Yard Boy?” “I […]

I Never Got To See The West Coast

“I Never Got to See the West Coast.” from Unlearning on Vimeo. ^Please subscribe to receive more content like this^ I have been thinking for a while I should record a video of one of our songs.  After hearing of Pastor Rick Warren’s son, committing suicide, I thought I would play the song “I Never […]