Why are “Church Folks” so mean?

Hey, guys.  Want to take a second to thank you all.  The dialoguing amongst people from so many backgrounds here on this blog, from atheists to evangelical Christians to everything in between, has been really encouraging. It amazes me, however,  how many “church folks” read our stuff only to get out of it a message […]

Football Would Be Boring If There Were No Losers

                                                                                   I love football more than I love most people. Bad start here. Sorry. Not […]

Can You Stop Sinning Without Jesus? Yes and No…

    First of all, if you don’t believe in the concept of “sin” – perhaps ascribing to the the belief that we are all relatively good people or maybe that we should determine our own morals – you may want to stop reading right now.  Go ahead and stop reading.  Why are you still […]