Will Chris Farley be in Heaven?

I’m gonna say……. YES!   If you’ve seen the photos of his death scene (and I recommend that you don’t look at them) you’ll see in his hand, a rosary being clasped. While this does not guarantee salvation in itself, (no where in the bible does it say, “If you die with a rosary in […]

I Never Got To See The West Coast

“I Never Got to See the West Coast.” from Unlearning on Vimeo. ^Please subscribe to receive more content like this^ I have been thinking for a while I should record a video of one of our songs.  After hearing of Pastor Rick Warren’s son, committing suicide, I thought I would play the song “I Never […]

Is Suicide a Free, Non-Stop, Straightway Ticket to Hell?

She what?! I’ll never forget sitting in my junior year english class in 1994 when I heard that my friend had committed suicide. There’s just no way this is real. After realizing that it was indeed for real, just like Kurt Cobain a month prior, I faced the fact that my friend was in hell […]