Sex Addict Wife and Pushover Husband

Here’s a true story for you. I run into many interesting situations as a Pastor.  Some can seriously trigger major depression for me.  Some anger me; some amaze me; some situations make me feel guilty because I can’t believe how bizarre the situation is.  Not to mention I get distracted by the bizarreness.  I get […]

HELL NO: 19 Questions You May Ask Me About Hell

Let me preface by saying that when it comes to my faith, i have done a lot of doubting, soul-searching, and studying. After all of this studying, I have concluded two things: 1. there has to be a creator. For more thoughts on this, read this old post.   2.  Jesus is God.  After studying the […]

Does God Cause Evil? (theology lesson of the day)

Here’s what we know: God is all good. God is sinless and does not tempt others to sin. God did not create evil, but rather created life that had the potential of creating evil. God will eventually put an end to all evil, proving that He is all-loving and all-powerful. We also Know: He is […]