You Can’t Be A Christian And Wear a Nirvana Shirt

I’ll never forget the day at Youth Camp when some kids in youth group were reprimanded for wearing Bob Marley, Pearl Jam, Kurt Cobain R.I.P. and other similar t-shirts. Kurt Cobain is the former Nirvana singer and song-writer who committed suicide in 1994 (pictured here). I get it. These bands weren’t Christians and they supported some “bad” things. […]

Should My Kids Go To Private Christian School?

I have many friends and family members that go to a private Christian School. I don’t really know what I think about it. I am definitely not here to say it’s bad. Parents should decide where their children go and I believe that these schools are trying to honor God with their service to the […]

An Opinion Piece By Matt Carter on Student Ministry

This week’s “Friday post” is late AND is more of a question for you guys. I don’t really have answers, or much to back up my views on this one, so I’ll just ask you guys to participate and see what we get. So here we go… Youth ministry is a weird part of the […]