Steven Furtick’s House (Joey vs. Toby)

We are just (3) dudes that love Jesus and the church.  Please don’t mistake our views shared on this blog as views that are necessarily congruent with our church’s views.  So Toby Morrell and I (Joey) were watching the Clemson Tigers destroy the Ga. Tech Yellow jackets last night, and as always, talked about everything. […]

Don’t you just love that “Worship Sound?” (including Record Review on Dispatch)

I know a LOT of worship leaders.  Even your very own Toby Morrell of Emery is a worship leader at the campus I lead, and he’s like my best friend ever, and Matt leads worship at his church as well. This is not a “bash church worship” or “bash any specific church’s worship” post by any […]

15 Things that Jesus DID NOT Say. (What do you think?)

What do you think of this post by Jim Palmer? Good points? he’s on twitter RIGHT HERE.