Don’t you just love that “Worship Sound?” (including Record Review on Dispatch)

I know a LOT of worship leaders.  Even your very own Toby Morrell of Emery is a worship leader at the campus I lead, and he’s like my best friend ever, and Matt leads worship at his church as well. This is not a “bash church worship” or “bash any specific church’s worship” post by any […]

We’re Going on Tour and No One’s Going To Be There

  For three days in September, Matt, Toby, and Joey are going to do a test tour.  From September 11th-September 13th, we will sit in 3 different living rooms and do a lot of talking… and listening.  We’re calling it a test because it (and we) might actually fail. We have a serious vision for the future, but there […]

Coolest Video Ever?