It’s Funny that Churches Are Named After People, eh? What About “ChurchToby of Fatter-Day Saints?”

It’s funny that churches are named after people.  There are certainly GOOD churches that are named after saints, apostles, etc.  At least, I think so.  I can’t say from experience, but my assumption is that there is. But, let’s think about it.  If a church names their community, building, or Sunday morning gathering after anyone […]

Emery Answers Some of Your Dumb Questions (video includes footage from their current tour)

So, Matt just called me to ask if I’d post this video for your viewing pleasure after writing something quick about it. After watching it, I’m at a loss for words. I’ll try to get 3 sentences out about this video you are about to watch: 1.  Emery makes a mockery out of your questions.  […]

Southern Boys Gone Wild: why We Do This Here UNlearning Shenanigans

So…..heading in to the decision of doing this blog, there were a lot of thoughts in me, Toby and Matt’s head (Toby’s head is really big, btw, fyi).  We actually were so arrogant in believing that we had a unique way of thinking or at the very least, a unique way of communicating how we […]