Being Gay is WAY Worse Than Not Loving

Joey:  Me, Matt and Toby are gay.  Can you believe it?  All this time, you thought we were straight. Reader:  But, you guys have wives and kids. Joey:  I know but that’s not the first time a gay guy has had a wife and kid(s). Duh.   Reader:  But you guys never said anything about […]

We’re Going on Tour and No One’s Going To Be There

  For three days in September, Matt, Toby, and Joey are going to do a test tour.  From September 11th-September 13th, we will sit in 3 different living rooms and do a lot of talking… and listening.  We’re calling it a test because it (and we) might actually fail. We have a serious vision for the future, but there […]

Emery Albums, Emery Fanatics, Facebook Unlikes, and Love

Toby’s favorite Emery album is “In Shallow Seas We Sail,” followed by “I’m Only a Man” and his third favorite is “The Question.”  Matt’s favorite is “The Weak’s End,” followed by “We Do What We Want,” and his third favorite is “The Question.” Toby wants to be a good husband and uses the bible as […]