Conversation Between a Christian and an Atheist (the sequel)

What do you guys think?  Our buddy @CrispySea brought up some good points, but obviously we think he/she is wrong.  You guys?      

HELL NO: 19 Questions You May Ask Me About Hell

Let me preface by saying that when it comes to my faith, i have done a lot of doubting, soul-searching, and studying. After all of this studying, I have concluded two things: 1. there has to be a creator. For more thoughts on this, read this old post.   2.  Jesus is God.  After studying the […]

Should “Spiritual Experience” be Counted for Evidence of Jesus being the Truth?

If Christians say YES to this question, who’s to say that other “spiritual experiences” that others have experienced can’t act as validation for their faith?  In my opinion, Christians’ use of this apologetic tool (a means of defending a belief in the biblical God) is quite limited. At the same time, I’d say it’s helpful […]