You Might Be A Bad Evangelist If…

(SUBSCRIBE HERE TO GET MORE POSTS LIKE THIS) Picture an Evangelist in your mind.  What are you thinking? Chances are you’re picturing a red-faced, possibly pudgy dude who’s wiping off his sweat-drenched brow after warning you to either repent or burn for eternity. Most of us have the wrong idea of what a true evangelist […]

Bad Christian Music, Book, and New Website. Help us build Bad Christian.

We believe in what we are doing as Bad Christian (Read the following for a deeper explanation). The positive response from you guys confirms this.  We can’t’ forget about those that say, “Emery, you just lost a fan” or “Stop this religious bullshit and play music.  We love your music but we don’t care about you […]

Conversation Between a Christian and an Atheist (the sequel)

What do you guys think?  Our buddy @CrispySea brought up some good points, but obviously we think he/she is wrong.  You guys?