Book Review By A BadChristian Reader

A BadChristian reader shares his thoughts on our forthcoming book, BADCHRISTIAN GREATSAVIOR.   I have had the privilege of reading through an early copy of a book titled, BADCHRISTIAN GREATSAVIOR.  And I do mean “privilege”.  This book was written by Pastor Joey Svendsen and his close friends Matt Carter and Toby Morell, from the rock band “Emery”.  Most […]

Do you really want to get involved with those who suffer (Addiction, Abuse, Shame etc.)?

By:Matt Carter Do you often find yourself in the path of those who are suffering?  Are you a pastor that has a lot of hurting people in you care?  Do people think you are a “good” or “serious” Christian” or a “leader,” and as a result perhaps avoid sharing their real struggles with you? Let […]