Book Review By A BadChristian Reader

A BadChristian reader shares his thoughts on our forthcoming book, BADCHRISTIAN GREATSAVIOR.   I have had the privilege of reading through an early copy of a book titled, BADCHRISTIAN GREATSAVIOR.  And I do mean “privilege”.  This book was written by Pastor Joey Svendsen and his close friends Matt Carter and Toby Morell, from the rock band “Emery”.  Most […]

We wrote a book. It is totally scary, totally ugly, and it is totally true.

Our first book, BADCHRISTIAN GREATSAVIOR, is coming.   Here are 10 reasons why you should be psyched about that.  We hope you’re ready for a dose of honesty and a shot of truth.  Everything is better in context, so don’t forget to pick up the book to get the whole picture.  It’s going to blow […]

Yo, That Junk’s Just COLD, Bro! (including an official statement)

  Honestly, every cutting, mean-spirited, and belittling comment we get from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ only further demonstrates why BadChristian exists. We’ve asked these questions before:  What if we really are wrong?  What if we really are in err?  The approach they take to “help” some of their fellow believers?  Belittling attacks that are entirely […]