Yo, That Junk’s Just COLD, Bro! (including an official statement)

  Honestly, every cutting, mean-spirited, and belittling comment we get from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ only further demonstrates why BadChristian exists. We’ve asked these questions before:  What if we really are wrong?  What if we really are in err?  The approach they take to “help” some of their fellow believers?  Belittling attacks that are entirely […]

Pro-Church and Damn Proud

We have a feeling that many people have specific visions of who we are. Some see us as this group of guys who are God’s gift to the punk-rawking, non-conforming, “down with the mega-church” bad-ass crowd.  Others think we encourage using the gospel of Jesus’ grace as an excuse to “let grace abound,” and not […]

Buy Heavenly Stock When You Help Bad Christian

Wouldn’t that be SO messed up if we really claimed that? Well. We. Are. Want to be richer in heaven? Want a bigger mansion than the widow that only gave a dumb fraction of what she had? Do you really want to sit at Jesus’ right or left side? Want a golden street named after you? […]