Bad Christian Music, Book, and New Website. Help us build Bad Christian.

We believe in what we are doing as Bad Christian (Read the following for a deeper explanation). The positive response from you guys confirms this.  We can’t’ forget about those that say, “Emery, you just lost a fan” or “Stop this religious bullshit and play music.  We love your music but we don’t care about you guys as people!”  We love you guys too.

We can’t change the world without you, our reader.  And for those of you that have shared your excitement and expressed interest in supporting, we truly see you as “in this” with us.


We are announcing a crowd-funding campaign in order to launch Bad Christian.

This includes:

the new interactive site:  It will contain everything Bad Christian: BLOG, MUSIC, PODCAST,and more. We really want to hear from you too and give you a voice on the new site.

Podcasts of Matt, Toby, Joey and  guests: we love to talk and it usually goes really deep, really bizarre, really Seinfeld-ish, and it has the potential to be an integral part of our listeners’ journeys and walks with Jesus as we all experience great connection-time and pour into one another (had to throw in some Christianese).

a Bad Christian e-book: the book contains a lot of personal stories and vulnerable info about ourselves including our many failings as humans. There is also an in-depth look at the “what” and “why” of Bad Christian.

Plans to tour more: we will continue to crash living rooms and get wasted from a high dose of community, baby!

A new record label: we just signed Kanye West and Sandi Pattie for a collaboration album.

World change:  none of us should be after any thing more or less.

Our regular blog posts: “Un-learning”  will now be under the umbrella of Bad Christian.

New emery album: um. can i simply get a “hell yeah!”


This all costs a lot of money and time.

We really need your help with both.   Many of you have expressed your belief in what we are doing and have a desire to help.  Well, here’s a chance to put your money and time where your mouth is because we can’t do this alone.   You are a part of Bad Christian.

The money we earn/receive is  NOT going into our pocket. Maybe someday it will, but as of today it goes to web design, domain name, publicity, promotional and travel expenses, graphic design, book editing and publishing, music production, and yea, maybe if we get all that covered we will split a case of beer.

Here’s how you can help: volunteer, share, or donate
Go to: and…..
1.  volunteer: Did you know we are looking for volunteer writers/editors, social networking geeks, and graphic designers?
2.  share: make a covenant with Jesus, mother earth, or your conscience to retweet our tweets, share our posts, invite people to our Facebook and tell them about our site.
3.  donate:  We are all single-income families.  We work and volunteer on church staffs and on top of that, work tirelessly on Bad Christian.  Sob story?  Not at all.  We believe we don’t have a choice.  We just won’t be able to go this full-throttle (and effectively) without help.  We need to hire out help, pay for publishing, pay for our website, editing, etc.  We also would be working additional “paying jobs” to support our families if we had time; but we don’t, unless we chose also to be dead-beat dads and distant husbands.  
Here’s how you can donate.
a.  donate on our crowd funding page. (coming later this week)
b.  buy a BC t-shirt to wear and support us:  Are you proud of being a “Bad Christian?”  You shouldn’t be, but wearing this shirt will highlight Jesus’ grace and demote you to your rightful place.
c.  preorder our book:  Man, talk about MAJOR help.  Just take the time to order our book.  Skip a latte at Starbucks and you are almost there!
Here’s what we are NOT promising.
-We are not promising to report statistics on how many people get saved through our mission/music/blog etc.  Although we want everyone to know and love Jesus, we are simply gonna trust him with what he does in people’s lives.

-We are not promising to change the face of Christianity,  nor that your money and time will be well-invested, or and that what we are doing is even right.

-We are not promising that if you buy something from us or donate that you are “giving to God.”  You are in fact giving to Matt, Toby and Joey, and we will do the best we can to honor God with the money we are given/earn.

We would love to guarantee all these things,

but we aren’t, because we just don’t know whether this will be the case.

You in?


The BC Crew…

Matt, Toby, Joey and all of you that are already IN.


What do you think?

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